The EPIC Meeting on New Space was fabulous. I made some new contacts, learnt many new things and have a lot of opportunities to follow up on. I would like to thank the EPIC team for their professionalism and enthusiasm. Overall a great success.Mark Day, Business Development Manager at Optocap

EPIC Meeting on New Space 2019
ESA Noordwijk, The Netherlands

The EPIC Meeting on New Space brought together 92 participants from 74 companies and organizations to cover some of the key priorities for the “New Space” road map. The purpose of the so-called “New Space” trend, is to bring to the Space market mature or established technologies that either compete with or complement existing commercial space services.

The ESA priorities covered at the EPIC meeting were:

  • new solutions for miniaturized and low cost LIDAR, RADAR;
  • new concepts for optical network architectures in space; solutions for ultra-low power highly efficient and miniaturized datacom transceivers (using Photonic Integrated Circuits, plasmonics);
  • the use of novel cameras and sensors for remote gas analysis as well as environmental monitoring; and last but not least,
  • new concepts for atomic clocks for both timing and navigation, as well as new quantum technologies and applications.

"The EPIC Meeting on New Space was great. It clearly showcased the emerging opportunities/challenges and the disparate nature of the current missions/technologies/philisophies around photonics in space exploration/business. Your careful planning and proactive facilitation also created an excellent environment for networking.” David Rogers, Director at Nanovation