More than 45 laser experts from 15 countries attended the EPIC Meeting on High Power Laser Systems at PBF

EPIC Meeting on
High Power Laser Systems
PBF Almelo, The Netherlands

The EPIC Meeting on High Power Laser System brought together the main drivers of laser applications that require kW+ power or high fluence in an optical beam.

The focus of this meeting was to address the challenges and high demands of the system and find suitable innovative solutions, considering the applications that are driving this market. The main topics addressed include: beam shaping, beam propagation and profiling; system cooling, head distribution, power dissipation, etc.

Challenges of the power supply and power electronics such as current ripple, dimming, pulse width modulation (PWM) interfacing, pulse reproducibility and stability were addressed. The system integrators shared their view on the current technology and customer demands, while the companies in charge of the manufacturing laser pumps, diodes, fibers, laser head and other components presented their state-of-the-art technology.

The meeting was hosted by PBF and sponsored by LAMpAS and OptoSigma.

EPIC meeting on High Power Laser Systems 2019 hosted by PBF - With lot's of interaction and networking time so business can be made.