“The EPIC Meeting on Wafer Level Optics at SUSS MicroOptics was great. The meeting was moderated with a lot of energy, facilitating a unique and efficient interaction between the speakers and the audience. Overall, the meeting was very successful.”

Ismo Vartiainen, Principal Manufacturing Engineer at Dispelix

EPIC Meeting on Wafer Level Optics

Optical microtechnology is a booming field in different markets such as industrial, medical, automotive, consumer and mobile. This meeting is allowed the key players in wafer level microoptics to discuss the benefits and motivation of standards and potential collaborations to reinforce the industry and reduce fragmentation. The Companies attending this meeting covered the supply chain including end-users, fabrication techniques, materials and metrology. Different applications were discussed such as CMOS image sensors, automotive, lighting, AR/VR headsets, datacom, consumer electronics etc.

The EPIC Meeting on Wafer Level Optics was hosted by SUSS MicroOptics and sponsored by SwissPhotonics, PIXAPP, LAMpAS, Technobis, MIRPHAB, PASSION, OptoSigma, NIL Technology, DELO and NTS Optel.

“The EPIC Meeting on Wafer Level Optics at SUSS MicroOptics was very well organized. It was a real pleasure for me to take part in this event, which had, in my opinion, the right dimension to allow for constructive and fruitful exchange between the attendants.

The meeting was enthusiastically and efficiently chaired, as I rarely saw before in other meetings. I really enjoyed the presentations of the speakers which were all clearly exposed, pertinent and very well documented. The chairman did a great job in connecting people, and giving anyone the possibility to speak and participate, jumping with the microphone from one side to the other of the room.”

Pierpasquale Tortora, Project Manager at The Swatch Group R&D