EPIC Meeting on High Power Laser Systems 2019


Welcoming words by Jose Pozo, CTO, EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium - PDF - video

Welcoming words by Sander Asbroek, CEO, PBF - PDF - video

KEYNOTE: Challenges for Power Supplies in the Lasermarket

Rene Dingshoff, BD Manager, PBF (THE NETHERLANDS) - PDF - video

SESSION 1: Setting up the scene

In this session the challenges and applications of the high power lasers were discussed. It was highlighted that as high power laser systems require a current driver the power supply has to be carefully selected to fit all the requirements as it is very system dependent. The selection of the system is also highly application dependent. Surface micro- and nano- structuring becomes increasingly in demand for multiple different applications and this technology requires high speed production and ultrashort pulses of a laser. The multilayer materials can be processed only using femtosecond high power lasers. Furthermore, for the process monitoring and throughput increase e.g. during metal-works the back reflected light could be converted into useful information such as focusing or pierce detection.

KEYNOTE: Improved technology high power fiber lasers for increased productivity

Mark Richmond, Product Manager, SPI Lasers (UNITED KINGDOM) - PDF - video

KEYNOTE: kW femtosecond lasers – potentialities and challenges

Clemens Hoenninger, Vice President, Head of R&D, Amplitude Laser (FRANCE) - PDF - video

High-throughput laser processing using direct laser interference patterning

Nikolai Schroeder, Research Associate, Technical University Dresden (GERMANY) - PDF

kW-level femtosecond laser system for large-scale surface functionalization and its applications

Gedvinas Nemickas, FemtoSurf Technology Coordinator, Femtika (LITHUANIA) - PDF - video

SESSION 2: High power and fluence beam shaping solutions

This session discussed importance of the beam shaping and highlighted novel technologies for the beam and system performance control. Some main points of this session were following: (1) Beam shape has a critical role in the interaction of the laser and surface including the final structure of the surface; (2) Surface micro-processing is highly dependent on the beam stabilization and alignment; (3) Homogeneous and stable beam can be achieved using mode cleaning technique; (4) Surface coating of optical components of a high power laser system is crucial to ensure long term high quality performance of the system; (5) Cooling system of the high tower lasers is anothercritical parameter which should not be neglected.

Robust beam shaping solutions for high power laser systems

Sabrina Matthias, Product Manager, Asphericon (GERMANY) - PDF

Low stress ion beam sputtered coatings for high energy laser applications

Pete Kupinski, Director of Sales & Marketing, Optimax (USA) - PDF - video

Transmissive optical components for multi-kW laser systems

Laurynas Satas, CTO, Altechna (LITHUANIA) - PDF - video

Fully reflective versatile beam shaping enabling industrial laser material processing up to 20kW

Pu Jian, VP of Product Management & Partnerships, Cailabs (FRANCE) - PDF - video

Design and ultraprecision diamond machining of beam shaping components for

high-power CO2 lasers in additive manufacturing applications

Gebirie Yizengaw Belay, Postdoc, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (BELGIUM) - PDF - video

Ceramik liquid cooler for high power laser systems

Harald Kress, Business Development Manager, CeramTec (GERMANY) - PDF

SESSION 3: High power laser-based solutions and needs

The demands and solutions for different parts of the system were addressed. The main points included (1) The importance of parameter such as: operation life-time; photo-darkening; thermal hardening; polymer coatings; etc. for successful design of a high power laser system have to be considered; (2) An efficient solution for different types amplifier – another critical part of the system –can be created through thin disk technology; (3) The heat distribution via beam oscillation can is developed as a new solution, enabling increase in throughput of the system without increase of the power; (4) New materials, such as diamond technology offers yet another solution for heat conductivity.

KEYNOTE: High power diodes and related components for high power laser systems

Rene Engel, Sr. Manager of Component Sales, Coherent (DENMARK) - PDF - video

High-power thin-disk lasers for scientific and industrial applications

Michal Chyla, Senior Researcher, HiLASE (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Piezo based beam shaping for high dynamic laser material processing in 3D

Lukas Rau, Product Marketing Manager for Piezo Systems, Physik Instrumente (GERMANY) - PDF - video

Mobile and stationary high power laser processing – processes and equipment

Oliver Meier, Managing Director, LASER on demand (GERMANY) - PDF - video

Robust optical systems for high power lasers in the multi-kW regime

Martin Traub, Optics Design and Diode Lasers, Fraunhofer ILT (GERMANY)

SESSION 4: The high power laser supply chain

In this session it was shown that opto-mechanical deformable mirrors are excellent solution for wave front correction needs correction of high power lasers and micro or nanopositioning. Further it was discussed that besides different components of the high power laser system the system control end testing plays an important role. It was shown that novel technology for beam profiling via scattering can serve for process improvement as well as predictive manufacturing. Also high power laser system testing such as burn-in test could enable evaluation of the system capability and facilitate laser system reliability in field work.

Opto-mechanical products for high power lasers

Laurent Ropert, Export Account Manager, ISP System (FRANCE) - PDF - video

Non-contact focus spot and focus shift measurement of high power lasers in manufacturing processes

Christian Dini, Director Global Business Development, MKS Instruments – Ophir Brand (GERMANY) - PDF - video

Power in nothing without pulse to pulse control

Davide Scorticeti, R&D Director, Laserpoint (ITALY) - PDF - video

Burn-in and life test of optoelectronic devices

Martin Collins, VP Sales and Marketing, Yelo (UNITED KINGDOM) - PDF - video