EPIC Meeting on Wafer Level Optics 2019

Opening & Welcome

Jose Pozo, CTO, EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium - PDF - video

KEYNOTE: Excellence in imprint lithography and wafer-stacking

Reinhard Völkel, CEO, SUSS MicroOptics (SWITZERLAND) - PDF - video

SESSION 1: Setting up the scene

The different methodologies for the development of optical microtechnologies are presented in this session including: i) additive manufacturing for the production of microoptics based on two-photon grayscale lithography system, ii) substrate conformal imprint lithography and iii) the mastering building blocks for mass production. The main commercial products such as diffusers or diffractive gratings for 3D Sensing in smartphones, DMD for headlamps for automotive and phase modulators for holography, and markets in which optical microtechnologies find application are also discussed.

2D and 3D Imaging markets overview and wafer level optics opportunities

Guillaume Girardin, Division Director, Yole Development (FRANCE) - PDF

Diffractives and refractives: the exciting common ground

Frank Wyrowski, CEO, LightTrans International (GERMANY)

Additive manufacturing for the production of microoptics

Michael Thiel, CSO & Co-Founder, Nanoscribe (GERMANY) - PDF

SCIL for wafer-scale meta-surfaces to micro-optics in functional optical materials

Marc Verschuuren, CTO, SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions (THE NETHERLANDS) - PDF - video

Micro and nanostructured masters for replication of advanced optics

Theodor Nielsen, CEO, NIL Technology (DENMARK)

SESSION 2: Micro-optics in automotive

The main challenges in microoptics in automotive are addressed in this session. The evolution of 3D cameras for automotive and its future are review here including 3D, 4D and 5D sensing in which hyperspectral information is obtained. In addition, different methods to increase the diffusion of the angle of the illumination source and high resistance materials for lamps and cameras are discussed.

KEYNOTE:Chances and challenges in WaferOptics

Edwin Wolterink, CTO, Anteryon International (THE NETHERLANDS) - PDF - video

KEYNOTE: Beam shaping micro-optics made of glass for 3D sensing in the automotive industry

Dirk Hauschild, Chief Marketing Officer, LIMO (GERMANY) - PDF - video

Grayscale photolithographic mastering for automotive lighting

Robert Leitel, Scientist, Fraunhofer IOF (GERMANY) - PDF - video

Opportunities in wafer-level optics: the benefits of wide-band color filter arrays

Boaz Arad, CTO, Voyage 81 (ISRAEL) - PDF - video

Enabling automotive lighting with thermoplastic optics  

Bernd Grammer, Business Development Manager, SABIC Innovative Plastics (GERMANY) - PDF - video

SESSION 3: Enabling consumer and other large volume applications

This session starts with the announcement of PHABULµOS, the Pilot Line for free-form micro-optics and continues with the different techniques for large volume production such as wafer level polymer processing and R2R roll-to-roll processing. Applications of microlens array films manufactured by UV roll-to-roll imprinting are presented such as displays, diffusers in BLU and 3D imaging and VR, also ultra-thin front light guides for e-paper display module. Moreover, mastering by UV Grey Scale laser lithography is also presented.

KEYNOTE: Wafer-scale folded micro-optical interconnects

Rolando Ferrini, Section Head, CSEM (SWITZERLAND) - PDF - video

Wafer level nanoimprinting and R2R pilot lines at VTT

Kimmo Keränen, Senior Scientist, VTT (FINLAND) - PDF

KEYNOTE:WLO technologies for consumer applications

Markus Rossi, VP Innovations, ams (SWITZERLAND)

Microassembly and testing of integrated photonics in large volumes

Anna Nikiel, VP Business Development, Technobis (THE NETHERLANDS) - PDF

Roll-to-roll UV imprinting technology for thin foil polymer micro-optics

Samuli Siitonen, CTO, Nanocomp (FINLAND) - PDF - video

Maskless and free: grey scale and step & repeat nanoimprint lithography for advanced optics


SESSION 4: Materials and assembly

Aspheric infrared optics by precision chalcogenide glass molding for infrared optics is presented at this session together with UV curing materials and die attach adhesives for camera bonding and LED bonding. Multifunctional lithography material with custom-designed properties is discussed. Tools to create structures in photoresist by direct laser writing and by thermal scanning probe lithography are shown. Other considerations regarding wafer scale packaging and photonic assembly close this session.

Wafer-level glass molding of chalcogenide glasses

Tim Grunwald, Head of Department, Fraunhofer IPT (GERMANY) - PDF - video

UV curing materials for wafer level optics

Andrea Kneidinger, Specialist, DELO (GERMANY) - PDF - video

Low and high refractive index materials for optics and imprinted optical solutions

Jukka Perento, VP Operations, Inkron (FINLAND) - PDF - video

Cross-functional photopolymer for microoptics manufacture

Arne Schleunitz, CTO, micro resist technology (GERMANY) - PDF - video

Gray scale lithography – creating complex 2.5D structures in thick photoresist by direct laser writing

Dominique Colle, Process and Application Engineer, Heidelberg Instruments Mikrotechnik (GERMANY) - PDF

Wafer scale packaging and wafer level optics 

Martin Tuma, Sales, Argotech (CZECH REPUBLIC) - PDF - video

Recent advances in fast optimization of multi-element optic, electro-optic and photonic assemblies in manufacturing

Scott Jordan, Head of Photonics, Physik Instrumente (PI) (USA) - PDF - video

SESSION 5: Metrology and ultra-precision manufacturing

The potential of glass using laser processing and chemical wet etching for microoptics is presented in this session, together with the capabilities of diamond turning technology for producing masters. Metrology from individual lenses within an array to high-volume customized testers for optical wafers is also discussed here.

Manufacturing glass spacers for wafer level optics

Antanas Urbas, Chief Research Scientist, Workshop of Photonics (LITHUANIA) - PDF - video

Ultra-precision MLA masters using innovative DPI™ on-axis diamond turning technology


Customized high volume optical wafer testers

Theo Scholten, Operations Manager, NTS Optel (THE NETHERLANDS) - PDF - video

2D and 3D contact profilometry solutions for the measurement of micro lens arrays

Neil Fitzgibbon, Optics Metrology Business Development Manager, Tylor Hobson (UNITED KINGDOM) - PDF - video