EPIC World Photonics Technology Summit 2020

Opening & Welcome address

P10 Jose Pozo, CTO, EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium - PDF - video


The need for ramping up production of photonic products is pushing new processes and technologies for packaging and assembly semiconductor based components. In this session, we explore new manufacturing processes that will allow the manufacturing of large volumes for silicon-based transceivers, VCSELs for optical communications, graphene image sensors and light scanners.

Executive leadership in optics: recent lessons & future contingencies
Mark Lutkowitz, Principal, fibeReality (USA) - PDF - video

Co-packaged silicon photonics for cost effective, high-density photonic interconnect
Thomas Liljeberg, General Manager, Photonic Integration, Intel (USA)

VCSELs at new heights: 100Gbaud and beyond
Nikolay Ledentsov, CEO, VI Systems (GERMANY) - PDF - video

Semi-fabless manufacturing of graphene enhanced SWIR image sensors
Tapani Ryhanen, CEO, Emberion (FINLAND) - PDF - video

High volume manufacturing of light scanners
Thomas von Wantoch, Founder & Managing Director, OQmented (GERMANY) - PDF


Optical manufacturing is witnessing waves of innovation. This session allowed game-changers in the field of micro-optical assembly and photonic integration to present their achievements and investigate a wide range of applications. From designing to manufacturing and mass productions, the speakers had the opportunity to communicate new ways to use micro-integrated optical systems for 3D sensors, robotics and accurate mass-production, optronics, automotive industry, lightning, and advanced camera systems. The speakers shared with the audience the market’s recent requirements and future goals. In fact, micro-optical manufacturing and complex photonic integrated systems require specific optical suppliers, as well as fast and precise optical metrology techniques in order to fulfil the growing market requirements.

Field programmable photonic gate arrays: a new window of opportunity for integrated photonics
Jose Capmany, Chief Operations Officer, iPronics (SPAIN) - PDF - video

Complex photonic systems for volume manufacturing
Simon Schwinger, Senior Manager Business Development, Jabil Optics (GERMANY/USA) - PDF - video

High-accuracy high-agility automation for optics manufacturing
Pham Quang Cuong, Founder and Director, Eureka Robotics (SINGAPORE) - PDF - video

Mastering all steps from sensor to camera to provide dedicated and efficient imaging solutions
Francois Coursaget, General Manager, NIT – New Imaging Technologies (FRANCE) - PDF - video

New challenges in optomechatronics for emerging markets
Manuel Steidle, Executive Director, CERTI (BRAZIL) - PDF - video


In this session, the main focus was set on sensing and the applications of the described fiber- and semiconductor-based laser technologies were concentrated on research, inspection monitoring, medicine and automotive. Supercontinuum fiber lasers underwent an evolution in reliability and repeatability in the past years especially referring to confocal microscopy as main application and might enter the market of AI-based multispectral imaging soon. Furthermore, it was shown that semiconductor-based lasers can be broadly applied in developing full medical (FDA)-graded systems. Finally, an extensive overview of the present market and possible technical solutions with pros and cons in LIDAR systems was given by the last two speakers as experts in this field. A specific focus on the demands of autonomous vehicles was also added and very interesting upcoming innovative biomimicry sensors were announced.

Whitelight lasers – the journey from technology to industrial
Carsten Thomsen, VP of Ultrafast Lasers, NKT Photonics (DENMARK) - PDF - video

Laser solutions for medical applications
Petteri Uusimaa, CTO, Modulight (FINLAND) - PDF - video

3D LIDAR Landscape
Michael Kiehn, Director Sensor Development, Ibeo Automotive Systems (GERMANY) - PDF - video

Sensor tradespace for autonomous vehicles
Eric Aguilar, CEO, Omnitron Sensors (USA) - PDF - video


In this last session, the common topic was technology for optimization of manufacturing with on-line solutions based on photonics. The use of ultrafast lasers for surface functionalization and structuring aiming at high yield was a core topic of three talks out of five, demonstrating the present great attention to this field. An overview of markets for this kind of lasers in consumer electronics and science and on the present challenges towards simplification, optimization, digitalization and in increasing throughput and beam flexibility was given, first. Then, different microscopy technologies and 3D metrology for on-line inspection based on fast interferometry, paying attention on software optimization, were described. Finally, a beam shaping technology for advanced manufacturing based on Multi-Plane Light Conversion, able to provide also mode cleaning, beam splitting and high-power handling, and its robustness when engaged by new challenges was introduced.

Furthermore, the aim for IR optics of reaching low-cost and high-volume production of high-precision systems was pointed out. Considering thermal imaging, a special attention was paid on applications for autonomous vehicles and drones and in defense and on present/future developments in multi-spectral imaging and continuous zoom lenses. In this session, also the potential of deep-learning based products was introduced, mostly concerning cameras for law enforcement, high-speed in-line inspection and medical devices, highlighting the first examples of FDA-graded, AI-based technology, also combined with conventional microscopy.

Lasers for manufacturing
Eric Mottay, President, Amplitude Laser Group (FRANCE) - video

IR optics for long range security & surveillance applications
Kobi Lasri, General Manager, Ophir Optics (ISRAEL) - PDF - video

Machine learning and AI-empowered microscopy, inspection and surveillance
Jay Kumler, President, JENOPTIK Optical Systems (USA/GERMANY) - PDF - video

Metrology solutions for the three-dimensional inspection of laser processed surfaces
Roger Artigas, President & CTO, Sensofar (SPAIN) - PDF - video

Beam shaping challenges for large part texturing with kW femto-second lasers
Jean-François Morizur, CEO, Cailabs (FRANCE) - PDF - video